Welcome to Sprinkler Master Repair!

We are a sprinkler repair franchise with locations spanning from Utah, Idaho, California, Nevada, Colorado, and more! With decades and hours of experience, you can count on us to complete any job with professionalism and quality in mind.

At any Sprinkler Master Repair location, our motto is that "we install the best and repair the rest." If you're tired of dragging the hose around your lawn or wasting money on high water bills, let us install an automatic sprinkler system for you! If you don't want to risk a tricky DIY project on your irrigation system, just call your local Sprinkler Master Repair! For any job you have, we can handle it with quality parts, products, and service — all at an affordable price!

Sprinkler Master Repair Services

Sprinkler Installation

Want to save time and money when watering your lawn? Sprinkler Master Repair specializes in sprinkler installation when you need it most! An automatic sprinkler system controls the flow of water to your lawn and garden. This gives you the energy to go do what you want to do!

Sprinkler Repairs

Thinking about a DIY project? Guess again, because Sprinkler Master Repair is here to take the load off your shoulders! Trust in our exceptional repairs; everything from valve replacement, sprinkler lines, zone coverage, fixing broken sprinkler heads, and much more!

Sprinkler Winterizations

If you're in an area with a colder yearly average climate like Idaho, Colorado, or Utah, chances are you'll need to winterize your sprinkler system. Lucky for you, the sprinkler technicians at Sprinkler Master Repair can blowout or winterize your irrigation system in a jiffy!

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